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Compliance that works,
Governance that lives



Welcome to Owl Advisory by KWM, your experts in Compliance & Governance Risk

When it comes to navigating the complex landscape of compliance risk in the Financial Services Sector, you need a trusted partner by your side.


Hatched out of King & Wood Mallesons’ (KWM) top-tier Corporate Governance Advisory practice, we’ve established Owl Advisory by KWM to meet your specific compliance needs. We understand the challenges you face navigating an increasingly complex regulatory risk environment, and we’re here to provide you with a comprehensive and multi-disciplinary approach.


In an environment of a rapidly increasing regulatory burden, rising costs of compliance failures and growing stakeholder expectations for quality risk management, we know it’s a lot to manage and we know you are looking for innovative solutions.


That’s why Owl Advisory by KWM is here to support you every step of the way. We bring you world class risk management principles, technology, quantitative risk measurement and multi-disciplinary technical expertise.


As a KWM entity, Owl Advisory by KWM is positioned in the Australian market to draw upon the full expertise of KWM’s renowned legal practice, offering you an integrated legal and compliance risk advisory service. This is our key point of difference from other compliance risk offerings in the market.


In particular, we can support you to make preparations to comply with the Financial Accountability Regime (FAR) and mandatory sustainability reporting. Speak to us now for more information. 



A multi-disciplinary service to help establish reliable compliance and governance systems that prevent problems and embed a compliance culture.


Comprehensive compliance advisory service

We assist with your compliance needs, including provision of obligation and control libraries. With the benefit of KWM’s legal expertise, we can also advise on policies, independent control assessment, regulatory attestations, training, breach reporting & developing the tools and cultural settings to encourage early escalation of compliance gaps & failures.

Regulatory Implementation

Building regulation into your ‘everyday’

The Owl Advisory team will partner with you to implement regulatory changes and manage regulatory remediation projects, including process re-engineering, control design and assessment, and provision of regulatory traceability with obligations mapped to process, risks and controls.


We can also provide regulatory horizon tracking to enable forward investment planning and business impact assessments.


Owl Advisory and KWM are speaking to multiple clients about the Financial Accountability Regime (FAR) and mandatory sustainability reporting.


Helping you reach a sustainable future

We’re here to help you navigate the requirements of mandatory sustainability reporting, offering scientific expertise to undertake independent verification of the qualitative and quantitative content needed for sustainability reports. We also can advise on climate related issues in fund raising documents, review of environmental plans, and general scenario planning.

Governance Risk & Issue Management

Helping you manage issues as they arise

Through a combined service with KWM specialist legal practices we assist you in navigating interactions with regulators, complete regulatory investigations, manage whistle-blower disclosures, activate crisis management and provide board advisory services.


Read the insights from our newsletter, The Hoot, exploring current compliance and governance risk issues.


Owl Advisory by KWM provides an allied multi-disciplinary advisory service for the benefit of KWM’s more than 500 financial services sector clients.



Dedication. Expertise. Passion.

Owl Advisory by KWM has a dedicated team of experts to help establish reliable compliance and governance systems that prevent problems and embed a compliance culture. Owl Advisory at KWM will also draw upon the full expertise of KWM’s Financial Regulation and Dispute Resolution practices to assist with regulatory interpretation, investigation, reviews and enforcement and KWM’s Employee Relations and Safety practice to manage employment and remuneration issues and whistle blower disclosures.

King & Wood Mallesons partners and lawyers assisting Owl Advisory generally do so as part of their role as KWM partners and lawyers. Owl Advisory compliance risk advisors are employed or retained by a KWM-owned company.


KWM Compliance Pty Ltd (ACN 672 547 027) trading as Owl Advisory by KWM

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